Sony Bravia KDL32V5500 HD LCD TV Review

Published: 03rd September 2009
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You can get features with the Sony KDL32V5500 that until now had only been available on larger and costlier televisions.

The best thing about this 32 inch full HD Sony LCD Television is the picture enhancement features that ensures you get the best picture possible. Your expectations will not be disappointed with the 1080p, 6.2 Mega Pixel resolution screen that features 24p True Cinema that the Sony has, allowing it to scan pictures as smoothly as the movies. There is little that needs to be stated regarding BRAVIA, it is well known for its bold color, low noise and gliding motion , and the KDL-32V5500 delivers this well. The BRAVIA ENGINE 3 also offers Advanced Contrast Enhancer, ACE, for very realistic results and has a contrast ratio of 60,000:1. Live Colour increases red and green in poor light conditions giving you a very realistic picture to watch. No matter what the ambient light conditions may be, a light sensor system will not just make the picture more relaxing to watch, but it will also assist in saving power consumption.

This TV has the right connectivity for attaching a Blu ray player and because Sony are the inventors of Blu ray you are guaranteed the finest picture quality. Sony definately has an understanding of HDTV, explaining the reason for the new 32" 1080p Sony LCD to include four HDMI inputs.

There are two sockets at the back of the TV and the other two are on the side so they can be easily accessed, thus making plugging in a HD camcorder or a PS3 easy. A DLNA Ethernet port is also present on the Sony KDL32v5500 for connecting the TV to the web or a computer network When it is combined with "AppliCast" it takes the television to the next generation which will include web-based programming content.

As there is no match for a separates home cinema system however the KDL32V5500 has an enhanced audio system. S-Force Front Surround will provide a roomy sound, while Voice Zoom will make difficult dialogues much easier to hear. On top of this there is a series of surround sound options mean that you will get the most from all types of programmes.

Other great features on the Sony KDL32V5500U are a USB slot and Picture Frame mode. You can also upload your favorite photographs and watch them on the television when it is on stand-by, so it becomes a huge digital picture frame. AppleCast widgets come with some standard functions such as analog clock and calendar displays; still more can be found on the Internet.

The Sony KDL32v5500, with is shiny black finish and swivel stand looks good and it performs. The perfect 32 inch television has arrived!

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